What is your deepest wish?

Who do you long to be?

 Step One explore who you are:

 Content: what are the facts?

Who are you? Do you have a relation? Do you have job? Are you an artist? Are you a trainer, a teacher, a therapist? Are you a ZZPer? Are you your Own Boss?Are you goodwilling? What are your talents? What are you good in? How do you earn your income? Are you longing to create your own professional work or a book, a story, a play, a film, a script, a sculpture, a painting, a Group, a shop, a workshop, a program, a song, a composition, a practice. Are you a believer? Are you sceptical? Is your glass half full or half empty? Are you an idealist who wants to make the World a better place?


We will meditate or make a visualisation to make contact with our inner wisdom.

To become aware and in the Now we will move and write in silence for abpout half an hour.

Step Two: Process: how does it feel?

Focus on who you are and what you long to create.


We will read out loud what we have written and take time to find the answers to the questions above.  This is the moment for the solo’s. In turns we will be in the center of the attention. We create a stage where you and I have the space to experiment with expressing the words, we have on paper and explore the movements, the rythm in our bodies that want to be lived instead of surpressed.


We will take time to write down what is most important to focus on this afternoon:

who are you and what is it that you want to create?


Step Three: Meaning. Why? What is it about?


Saying Yes to Life


The structure of the GPW to C program is based on the wisdom in the book:

“Die Fähigkeit zu Lieben” = “To Love is to Live” = “Liefhebben is Leven”.

by Jungian Fritz Rieman: we have to explore the undercurrent by overcoming

The Basic Fears by answering the demands Life poses and  fulfilling our Basic Fears.