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 Gestalt Can Define & Save Lives

“Gestalt saved my life,” says author Tine van Wijk, a Gestalt therapist/trainer/teacher. Her book Gestalt Process Writing to C “is about the longing to connect and to make contact with that one teacher who is sincerely interested in life, and who can therefore give you the right to exist and be who you are.”

Her book is about communicating and connecting with others in meaningful ways, which leads to finding the answers to the most important questions in life, such as: “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?” She explains: “Process Writing can keep you sane. It is a way to concentrate on and connect with your inner wisdom. Process Writing is a perfect way to communicate and make contact. Gestalt opened a source, a stream of energy in me that connected me with the wisdom that had been there waiting all the time. I just did not know how to reach it. Gestalt not only taught me how how to reach the wisdom, it also taught me to express and contain it.”

The author says the book is “about my journey, my quest, my longings, my passions, my excitements, my questions. I wrote it for me in the first place to understand myself and life better.”

This is how Tine van Wijk explains her process: ‘When there is no one to talk to or no one willing or able to listen, we still have our self as a listener, as a partner, as a cocreator. All we have to do is sit down with a pen and a notebook, take time to focus on a question or a problem, and write without stopping for at least 10 minutes.’ And it works!” – Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.


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Tine van Wijk

About the Author: Tine van Wijk grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, during World War II. This is her first book in English. She also published three books in Dutch. “What I have written is not only about me, it is about Life with a capital L and therefore it is also about you. By writing in groups with clients and students, by going to conferences and master classes, and by meeting with masters, I explored the deeper meaning of Life. What I realized in hindsight is that I was exploring my spirituality.”

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