C Compositions

12. aug, 2015

The eyes of the girl are still innocent

Still waiting for the beauty and the love

and the fun to come

It is what she came for

To have fun

To Play

To love

To laugh

To be a girl

She knows this is her birthright

That is why she can look and see

the splendour of the light

The variety in the colours

She can see the simpleness of living

That is in the contact with her dog

He is there to give and receive love

The dog also looks with the innocence

Of knowing he is made to be loved

The girl and the dog are one

The girl and the dog are teaching each other

To keep loving

No matter what 'they' say or want, or expect...

12. aug, 2015

Thank you tree, for inspiring me…

12. aug, 2015

Play Writing - introduction

is being aware while plugging in to the big whole of words

and let come whatever wants to be written.

Your hand will do the work, your mind will follow,

your heart will start beating louder or faster or let you feel a stitch,

your throat will open or close itself, the muscles of your buttock get tense or relax,

your feet make contact with the ground or not and your breathing will be free or become difficult.

The words that are born cannot be denied.

They bring you to your own truth, to your own answers.

By writing this way you can go into a process

that shows you the meaning of what happens in your life.

Only thinking or/and feeling is not enough.

If you want to grow you need to do something.

Play for example, or write, or draw, or sing, or dance, or walk, or go travelling.

As long as you get into motion you will have new experiences

that will show you the next step

and the next on the road to growing to become a complete person.

As a human being you are a coherent whole.

Only a head without the body is of no use.

But a head as part of the whole body is a master

or a director that can let the voice of your soul out.

And when your soul is allowed to come out of the closet

you will be recognized as a writer,

a dancer, a singer, a painter, a sculptor, an actor.

In other words you will grow and become who you really are.


Writing is a perfect way to communicate.

We can take the time to find the words to express our thoughts,

feelings, ideas, expectations, hopes.

I as a writer and you as a reader, I as a reader and you as a writer 

can find out if we can communicate and connect by playful writing.


I can express what touches me hoping that you will feel interested

and write what touches you.

It is about feeling or not feeling. About being moved or not.

Like this we will be able to connect to our own process

and write our own small or big life stories.



2. jun, 2015

To come to THE point you need time.

Please sit down, look around you

and wonder what brought you to this spot.

What is THE point for you? Is it about love?

Is it about your career and your status?

Is it about your believe and your faith?

Is it about your talent and your sacred contract?

Or is it about feeling save and protected?


Please write just for you. Forget about what others might think. Some day you might set it free, but now write just for you. It will bring you new wisdom about yourself. What I found is that writing for me brought me someone to talk with who was always there and who was always listening when I needed her. I sincerely hope you enjoy yourself by doing this experiment.


Possible Response

Can I come to THE point?

I sit in my office, sun is shining on a big painted window. Before and around me are paintings I created myself and paintings made by others. My office is my sacred spot, it is where I come to the POINT time and time again by listening to my clients and feeling what is happening inside my body.

Answers that just present themselves.

Answers that can be new questions,

that lead me and my clients to deeper dimensions.

I do feel safe and protected in this spot.

Here I can let my talent stream and make my sacred contract come true. In this spot my career and status, my believe and faith meet each other and play together to become me.

Question now: about which point am I talking?

THE point is to believe and have faith in every day life. Every step I and you do, every inhaling and every exhaling are part of our sacred contract.



2. jun, 2015

Please take time just for you, find a safe place, bring paper and a pen, sit down, close your eyes, straighten your back, direct your attention to your breathing and become aware of being in the here and now.  Then wonder about the question ‘Am I afraid of attention, of love, of intimacy?’ and feel how your body reacts. After about seven minutes you open your eyes, take your pen and write whatever wants to be written.

Don’t worry about mistakes, logic, just keep your hand moving for at least ten minutes. If you want to write more, please do. You are the boss. If - for a moment - you don’t have words, just  draw or doodle to keep your hand in action. If you feel you are ready, read what you have written out loud. Even if you are by yourself.

You will notice that hearing your own voice speaking the words you put on paper will touch you somehow.


Possible response

Am I afraid of love, attention, intimacy?

Yes I am and No I am not.

Love, attention, intimacy is what I most long for

and I realize that it begins with me, for me, to me.

Strange cliché: first love yourself, before you even can receive love from and feel love for the other.

It took me at least half a century to find that out.

Half a century of longing to get it from outside because I was cute, nice, intelligent sexy, funny, open.

I could write, dance, sing, speak English, French and I loved to cook and spoil you. It did not help, I had to live on my own with my cats and dogs to become aware of my own abilities to love me,

to give attention to me, to feel intimate with me.

It was not an easy job. I had to fight my prejudices,

how can anyone love a woman who is single, no partner, no lover, no children, no grandchildren?

There must be something wrong with her.

And of course I am right, there are lot of things wrong with me and that is exactly why I need love and attention; it also makes me lovable.