By saying what we have to say, we become free human beings.

When we have made our Point, we can relax and enjoy life.

For what are the words about? What is their deeper meaning?

By first taking time to write down our own words

then continue giving them breath by reading out loud,

we discover the melody of what we have written and

 we will be able to give it form in the movement.




Playing is Serious Business 

This Self Coaching program is about playing and discovering

that we still have this spontaneous girl or boy inside our body.

A girl and a boy that are still longing to be seen and heard. 

 Being playful is not only important for children, but also for grown ups.

 By playing our creativity will wake up. And surprise, surprise,

we happen to be a coach, a dancer, or/and a writer, or/and an actor and so on. Writing and dancing means being in the now.

It will enable us to let go of those nagging thoughts that can ruin our lives.  The healing is in doing it together.

By dancing and by writing together we can connect, make contact

and develop being JOYFUL and more JOYFUL...



Tine van Wijk

Tine van Wijk is author, Gestalt teacher since 1988

As she is 80 plus she would love to pass along the lessons life taught her. 

She has published four books, is specialized in leading Groups, makes drawings and painting, had her first exposition 2018, makes pictures and video's and loves life in all its aspects.  It is the Power of Love she wants to make you aware of. Of course we need the Power of Will to do the work we are doing, but if we do not use our Love as well, we can get lost in the competition that is also part of life:

'Because I faced the confrontations life offered me, I found the power and the strength to continue and become self confident enough to believe I have something to say that is of interest for you!'