Existential Questions

We are who we are and only I can  have a clue who I am and the same goes for you.  If I think I know how and who you should be, I am above reality. How can I if I do not even know how, what and who I am?  Nevertheless we share problems. If we are women who should have been men, we have the same deep existential questions. It’s the same if we are old and white and should be young and black. Only if we can say out loud Yes to who we are, we can say No to that part of our personality that is not us. If we are stuck in ‘Yes but’ and ‘No but’ our frank Yes  and our full No will go underground and we will radiate something secretive that will undermine our relations.

In this book you are invited to explore in a C Gestalt Way what Gnosis means to you. Logos and Gnosis are two Greek words for knowledge. Logos is what can be learned through education and scientific inquiry.  Gnosis is what can be known through intuitive feeling and spiritual or mystical experiences. If you decide to join me in my quest you will go on a C journey, heading for contact, connection, compassion, counsciouness, guided by communication, chances, confrontation,   control, conflict and courage.

To connect with my authentic self I listened to the undercurrent by giving words to my feelings, my intuition, my fears, longings, dreams, anxieties and crazy ideas that are not easy to express in a rational way.


Gestalt has been guiding my life since 1988 when I started my practice in Amsterdam by leading ongoing therapy groups. Since I remember I have been writing to understand what my life is about. Beside that writing is a way to make contact with me and with you. In this book you will find a lot of existential questions that can guide you on the same writing or painting path that can bring clearness into your head, heart, belly and life.   Let’s do it, let’s connect, together we are stronger.