Basic Needs and Fears

A human being suffers most of the suffering he fears and never  was or will be his share. (Dutch expression)

 In my search for wisdom and truth I often go to foreign countries, literally and also symbolically by reading.  In the very beginning of my career as a therapist, I became fascinated by the Jungian psychologist Fritz Riemann*. He wrote a book titled in German ‘Die Fähigkeit zu Lieben’, in Dutch – translated into English – ‘To love is to live’.

I felt touched by his theory of four basic fears and four demands life poses us to overcome them. Time and time again, when I need structure in my own life or guidance for a client, I wonder where I am or where we are in the light of the wisdom of Riemann. It has helped me to ground and not get lost in the vastness of possibilities in therapy land. I do not think it is about absolute truth, but do believe it can show us a way of becoming lighter, more free, independent, to feel better and to get an idea of what there is to explore in the undercurrent.


Looking for Satisfaction

If our basic needs were not answered during our youth, they will keep asking for attention when we are grown ups. We will go on searching for, what we did not get then, when we needed it badly.  Our longing will direct our lives in the undercurrent and it will leave painful traces in the body.