Dancing the Word & Wording the Dance

It took me a long time before I was able to admit that what I needed deeply inside me is the peace, the harmony, between my masculine and my feminine half. In other words: peace between the Will and the Love inside me.

My Will has been super dominant, getting me to where I am now. I am grateful to this never ever giving up Energy. It is a beautiful  power that certainly can make the World a better place. Yet the musts and the have to’s  have surpressed my potential to Love. No time for Love, no time to enjoy the people around me, no time for my family, no time for intimacy…


And now I am creating a place and space for the love side of me to come into action. It is the only real thing I HAVE TO DO now! Grant myself the luxury to enjoy the Beauty and the Love Life offers without feeling guilty  because I am doing and I have what so many people miss in their lives. But alas it does not help if I close my heart waiting for them to become more happy so I am allowed to do the same.



Now is the moment to stop hiding the love  in me by opening up and telling you, please come, take the risk to make contact with me and with us by enjoying as well the Will as the Love in you and in me and in the others. In other words by enjoying as well your masculine as your feminine half and surprise, surprise, when we do love the woman AND the man inside us, we will be able to see we can connect with the women AND the men outside by tuning in and sensing that their Love and Will, their masculine and feminine side are as present in them as in you as in us. We can tune in when we dare and tune out  when it becomes too much for us.


That is why we need to dance the word and give words to the dance. The dance will invite us to follow our longings, our rhythms  and we need the words to connect with ourselves and with the other. In the dance of life we will become aware of being a woman and being a man who can become human beings together.


Written during the Embody the Word Workshop coleaded with Arye Burstein, 

February 2015 in Amsterdam