A Place to Belong

Dedicated to the C Group

I need the beauty of Light

I need the beauty of Air

I need the beauty of People

I need the beauty of Nature 

I need the beauty of the Divine

I can C it and feel it if I am open

And I can only be open

If I am also open to the Clutter

Open to jeaulousy

Open to fear, anxiety, angst

Open to cold winds, rain, frozen water

Open to the stinking shit

that makes me suffocate

Open to the anger and the power

Trying to dominate me

But long nose Men and Women

I got my own Power, I do

I do not need your domination

Nor your admiration

Nor your projections

Nor your help

Nor your pity

I can do that all myself

What I do need from you

Is your own beauty, your own love

Please show me your feathers

Just do, do not be afraid,

I will never reject you

When you are also open for me

For my beauty, shit, fear, love

Because it is not about me only

It is about we

We, we, we, we

You and I make a we

You and I are free

to become a we

March 26, 2013