I Amsterdam

Creative Integration of Experience

If you come to Amsterdam or are already in this city

you are invited to join me in writing the here and now

while enjoying the highlights of the city.

The idea is to go to a museum or any other place of interest

and take time together to write what we are experiencing

in the moment. After maybe twenty minutes

we all have words on paper and will be ready to share

what we have written.

Of course we will also make pictures and video’s

to complete the creative experience.

For me this is a chance to cocreate, explore and connect

with colleagues in an open experiment.

I see it as an adventure that can lead us anywhere.

Except for Travel and Accomodation there are no costs.

Please let me know if and when you are interested

so I can make a planning.

I will be has happy to receive a Group as you as an individual.

The Joy is in the Doing, in the Process of Creating.

Looking forward to meet you!