What? How? Why?

Gestalt Process Writing to C is a basic program that we can use if we want to write our life story or it can be used in a therapy-  or in a training group.


GPW is a way to communicate and connect

-          when you are  in love and disconnected, excited and  misunderstood, curious and ignored, creative and not heard, seen, angry and sad.

-          when there is no one to talk to or no one willing or able to listen, we still have our self as a listener, as a partner, as a cocreator.


 All we have to do is sit down with a pen and a note book, take time to focus on a question or a problem and write without stopping for at least ten minutes. When we are ready we will need courage to read out loud what we have written. But when we do we will be relieved, for our hand knows and our hand cocreating with our heart is very efficiënt and wise. To our surprise we will find we have written the perfect answer to our question or the perfect next step concerning our problem.


GPW can be used during individual therapy when talking is not working, but it can also be a trap if we do not share on a deeper level afterwards.

GPW in groups:  when there is not enough time for everyone to speak up. After a short meditation to focus and become aware,  everyone – also the leader(s) - can write for ten minutes or more. Reading out loud is important. It can happen in pairs or triads or in the whole Group.


To structure we can explore the triangle:


‘Content – Process – Meaning’ by using the words: What? How? Why?


Content: WHAT are the facts?

Process: HOW is it to experience this?

Meaning: WHY do or did we need it?