Looking for Satisfaction

If our basic needs were not answered during our youth, they will keep asking for attention when we are grown-ups. We will go on searching for what we did not get then, when we needed it badly.  Our longing will direct our lives in the undercurrent and will leave painful traces in the body. 



In this creative master class we concentrate on:


Basic Fears

The Fear of Existing

The Fear of being Abandoned

The Fear of Guilt and Punishment

The fear of not being Good Enough


Basic Needs

To have a Place and Belong

Nourishment, Warmth, Loving Attention, Care

Support, Stimulants, Encouragement, Trust, Safety

To be seen and accepted for who we are



- say Yes to life

- stand on our own feet

- become autonomous

- become who we are instead of the wo/man

we thought we should be


A human being suffers most of the suffering he fears and never  was or will be his share.

(Dutch expression)