Demands to overcome our fears

Often we live with those fears from our childhood without realizing it. Precisely because we were not allowed to be afraid, we suppressed and denied our fears. In that way we could survive but did not see reality, which possibly made our surroundings threatening without us knowing why. Only by becoming aware of the undercurrent can we step out of our childhood fears and into a life that leads to freedom. It is true that in accepting fear, healing is hidden. Learning how to live with fear is not enough because time and time again there will be new fears that will revive the old ones. We can free ourselves step by step by realizing that we have to identify with the innocent, lonely, anxious child in us and with the adult who has to go out into the world to study and make a living. We will discover that we have to look fear in the eyes to become a complete human being. What helps is the knowledge that life does not only provide fears but also means to overcome them.

Every fear is connected to a special demand:


To overcome the fear of existing we have to say Yes to life