The fear of not being good enough

When we get older we discover that there are boys and girls, big and small children, ugly and beautiful people, rich and poor ones, strong and weak men and women. We are confronted with the questions: who is better, who is the best? The fear that appears now is the fear that we are not good enough as we are. Would it not be better if I were a boy instead of a girl, big if I am small, have curly hair when it is straight. Shouldn’t I be strong when I appear sensitive and weak, beautiful when I seem to be ugly, fast if I am slow, coloured when I am white? Does our family, does the world love me now it seems I do not answer the perfect image?

What we need are role models we can identify with. That is why we have idols and look up to our parents, but often our heroes and parents tend to fall from their pedestals,  leaving us with the longing to be at least better than they are. But how can we?

Are you good enough as a boy, as a girl?  Who is your hero, role  model, example?