Basic needs: limits and to be seen and accepted for who we are.

Protection is about dangers from outside, limits is about danger from inside. If you can not limit your self it will be difficult to determine the border between your self and your surroundings. The result will be that you are overwhelmed by feelings of omnipotence. You will swing to and fro between feelings of being able to do anything or nothing at all. It will be difficult for you to experience your own constraints and those of others.

Frustrations will be the result. You will have to give up the illusion that the world is turning around you.  If you are unable to make your borders clear, you won´t have a clear image of the Other as a human being with good and bad qualities. It will make connecting difficult and not really satisfying

 Questions: Can you make your borders clear in relation to your family, friends, colleagues?

 Demand: to overcome the fear of not being good enough we have to become who we are instead of who we thought we should be