Creating a Magazine

I am creating this magazine to connect with you on a deeper level.

If we all share our wisdom by writing we can experience

how it is to be human beings together.

In fact that is what my deepest wish is about.

I am always experimenting with ways to connect with my surroundings.

What I need is silence, absolute attention for what is happening in the undercurrent.

Silence to listen to that small voice within that connects me with my inner wisdom.

As I am writing this together with two other people, I also need silence to be able

to tune in to them. One of them is wondering if her life is still valuable if she loses the ability to speak  and write words.  It makes me still.  I would like to offer an answer and know it’s no use because she and I and we have to find our own way.

What I do know is that writing as I am doing now gives personal answers we can share, answers that connect us with ourselves and with each other.

In general I can say after having lived for more than 80 years

that for me life has more than sense, I experience life as a blessing, a gift.

Not always easy, even quite difficult by times, but since I decided

to accept and receive whatever comes my way, I understand that life in fact is a process of growth. Every day we have the chance to add a quality to our personality that gives us more joy and we also have the chance to release parts of ourselves that frustrate us.

Like this we are able to become more content and happy every day.

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