Commitment is my favourite C word

Without commitment my life would be empty and boring

I still remember the time before I found Gestalt

And believed that life was about finding that One other

That would make IT worthwhile

That one Other I could love with my whole heart

And of course he would love me as much…

Sometimes it happened but it never lasted it seemed

And when I look around me I see that I am not alone in this

In the image I see a hand pointing to what, to where, to whom?

The hand is surrounded by creatures, creations, projects…

The hand is blue. What I see must be all about me and you

I am that black eagle. And are you th at yellow figure with a split

The orange fish heading forward

The green whale swimming in the multicolored water

I am the face with the question mark

The nose that has an eye in it

The soup I swim in, my soup, is green

The color of the heart energy

The hand tells me: this way! Keep going!