Trembling inside

They say I am a heroe  - I have got a gun

Bombs are protecting me

To wipe out the enemy

But I have a heart and a soul

They are vulnerable

No bomb, no gun can heal me

My fear shit is dripping on the ground

I am jumping over it

Hope they don’t look

It stinks, fear does not have a nice smell

It is disgusting

Every dog knows - They have a nose

People are guided by their eyes

They think they know what they see

But if you think you know you do not look

Who am I  - Am I chosen to do this?

Apparently - It is my holy duty

I did not chose it

It is just part of my life

Part of the community I belong to

I am proud that I belong

Still I am wondering about the price I have to pay

Is it worth my life?


Honoring the soldiers doing the dirty work