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To C Magazine 8 gaat over allerlei vormen van Schrijven.
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You are free to download this new issue of the To C Magazine that focuses on Schrijven


Writing can be talking on paper

Writing can keep you sane

As a writer you are your own listener

As a writer you generate attention for you

As a writer you discover your inner wisdom

As a writer you can become autonomous

Writing is not difficult

It is a matter of having the courage

To sit down and do IT

As a writer you never feel alone

The deepest wish of a writer

Is to be received as he or she is

And to be received as you are

You have to give breath to your words

You have to speak them

Sing them, shout them

You have to stand up and enjoy

Being looked at, being listened to

Maybe connect with the spoken word artists

But will you? Do you dare?

Or can you do it in the privacy of your home

Feeling received all the same

Because you connect with your true self?!


This issue of the To C Magazine is inviting you to connect

with your own writer that is waiting to be heard