‘Aggression Song

Let’s abide what is inside

Whether it be nice or nasty

Sweet or sour, light or heavy

White or black, laughter or sorrow

It all belongs to the same me

That is sitting here at the table

Writing this song that wants to be sung

And shouted from the true soap story

Here I am in my street, with my trees

and my people (and dogs)

I am so angry that I can spit

On everybody who is IT, it, nit, wit,

shit that’s it. Everybody who is or

who behaves like shit

(Sh)it is not in the being

It is in the behaving


Once upon a time

There was a shit puffer

And a soul tuner

The shit puffer was black inside and did pfft, pfft

The soul tuner was made of bright light and sang Ah, ah, ah,

The pfft and the ah ah did meet each other daily

And sang, puffed and tuned and argued and thought

And felt and became so tired that they had to go

to sleep… Together


And when they woke up and faced a new day

They thought I can tune into Ah again today

or I can puff my shit

or shall I just take a rest?

Yes, that’s IT...