I, the pink whale am a connector

I am on the outside looking at my surrounding

And see blue, yellow, green and some purple

In the corner there is the yellow criticaster

Who does not long to connect

He knows better than that and he is on the inside

Occupying a better place than me

He is warning the blue goldfish, the one eyed kyte,

The sweet greenish sealion to be aware

There has been enough connecting in this community

That turned out to be dramatic he thinks

Connections exist to break down break up entangle

When the connector and the one who has been connected to

Do not remember who is who

When they have become symbiotic it is time

To say Stop! Take distance

Become who you are and connect again

But in this case I the pink whale came into the field

To connect all the inside me´s

To one harmonious whole that is not fixed

But still flexible…