Rather Art than Pills program

Rather Art than Pills

Creative Gestalt Program:

Rather Art Than Pills

Basic Needs, Fears and Demands


Speaking & Writing are perfect ways

to communicate and connect


“Art opens your eyes to three very important realities. Even if you only see one of the three, it can already make you a much happier person. The three of them form an extremely intoxicating happiness cocktail. Being:

- the reality of the world

- other people's reality

- the reality of yourself"

Bridget Watson Payne in 'How art can make you happy'


About fifty years ago I decided: I'd rather have Gestalt therapy than pills so as not to disappear into a mental institution - like my father - or - like my husband - to become a slave to alcohol. Now that I'm 80 plus and healthy with some ailments but without a medication list, I know that the listen-to-my-feelings  path I'm taking is right. From client I became a Gestalt therapist and discovered that Gestalt is also an art and realized art can be magic.

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