Fishes swimming in blue water with white spots

Pink fishes with grey

Black in the bottom, promising earth that is fertile

There is also green in the borders

What makes the chaos?

It is in me today and yesterday

I am looking in the chaos mirror

That is looking back at me

Can I distinguish your face?

Now I look better I see you everywhere

It is your face telling me what is safe and what is not

Your face or is it mine? Could be ours

I see a black cloud in the left corner

Threatening the chaotic harmony

The darkness is in my head

It is in my body

I can feel the hurry

The wish to get out of this

The sooner the better

But no I have to live through it

It is a gift that pushed me into this process

And it will guide me to get out stronger

I go inside to listen to you

No words just feelings

Just green green colors that calm me down

And make me dizzy