To C Magazine 5 Nourishment

Please feel free to download this PDF of the To C Magazine 5.
The idea behind the magazine is to create a Writing Community
To C = To Connect.

Nourishment in Time of the C Crisis

Nourishment we need badly, not only for the body but also for our mind and our soul.

If we want to stay healthy, we have to feed our selves with good stuff:

good thoughts, good ideas, good intentions, good food, good music,

good art, good air, good water…

If we allow our selves to go into nature we will find for free

what nourishes us most: beauty, creativity, colors, power, energy…

If we take time to let it in by listening, looking, feeling, tasting, smelling

we experience energy entering our being that is healing.

We all are wounded. Life on earth is everything but easy.

In the beginning we need all our energy, all our power to keep going.

If we are grown up we have to take care of our place, our loved ones and our selves.

If we don’t, nobody else can do it for us.

Just to be able to take care of our responsibilities, we have to start at home. 

If not, we can’t take care of others and others have to take care of us.

Of course I am not talking about children and disabled people who have no choice

but I am talking about taking our own responsibilities while we can.

A way of feeding myself is to go into nature and take pictures,

draw an inspiration card or open a wise book at random…

Today the Inner Child Card I draw is Five of Crystals

Message: ‘Pick the ripe possibilities that life is offering you in this stage.

Make them public. Creativity is the heart of your existence. (…)

Don’t forget to stay in close contact with the miracles of the Earth

and with its heavenly beauty.’

It is what I and we intend to do creating the To C Magazine.

This way I and we nourish our bodies, minds and souls

during this frightening C Crisis. And we hope we inspire you to do the same.

Accidentally the poem underneath fell out of a book I took from a shelf…

It is published in English and in Dutch as most of the articles in this Magazine.

Let’s keep going by Hoping, Loving and Having Faith!

Tine van Wijk, april 2020