Creative Writing Program

'Our Deepest Wish' is a Creative Writing Program based on the book Gestalt Process Wtriting to C

It can be done in groups or individually

What can you expect?

By participating you will learn more about your own creative power, your longing to make contact, to connect, to change, to express your commitment, to satisfy your curiosity and you will learn about the magic, the mysteries, the dark sides and the chances groups offer you.

 Creating a Work of Art

 It is not about achieving, yet in the back of our heads we long to create a work of art like a book, a painting, a stage play, a poem, a song, a film, a photo or whatever work of art we dream of. In the program you will find numerous guidelines and questions to bring you into motion.

To understand what your life is about you can dance, write, paint, sing or sculpt. Only reading about adventures is not enough, you have to DO something yourself.


Deepest Wish

Feel free to download this Writing Program based on overcoming our Basic Fears by fulfilling our Basic Needs and answering the Demands life poses