Feminine Voice

To C can also be Connected with To Confront, To Contact, To Complete,

To Communicate, To Comfort, To Create, To Commit, To Continue….

 All those great C Words can guide us to be creative. To Care is the C Word of this issue that focuses on the Feminine Voice. Don´t be mistaken: the Feminine voice is not only to be found in women, it is also part of men. There is a difference: for men it is more difficult to express this Feminine Voice than for Women who are more used to give Care, Compassion, Attention, Comfort.  But we all have to become Aware if we long to become a Complete human being, no matter if we are men or women. For women it is less natural to use their Masculine voice, although we are learning… That´s why we have to be on guard: let´s not lose the balance between our Feminine and Masculine sides.

In this To C magazine I give myself and you the Chance to experiment balancing our two voices by focusing on the Feminine because our Feminine Power is still in hiding. If we want to Continue being part of Life as it is now, we will have to use all the creativity we have. My aim is to give a taste of the Joy it offers if you and I and we all do IT because we Care about the World, about Humanity, about Nature, about Animals, about Art, about Science and above all Care for each other! I am so happy I could cocreate in this issue with colleague Christina Terpstra and artists Jan van Well, Zak Beacher, Flory Oerlemans-Pels and photographers Sebastiaan van Wijk and Ruud van Hoek. My main CoCreators are the C Writers who inspired and stimulated me and each other to keep writing to be part of the continuing eternal process of growth…

 Tine van Wijk

PS This magazine is written in English and Dutch. Sometimes the English is closer to the heart and often the Dutch is, as I am Dutch.  I trust the translation machines can give you an idea if you are interested in an item written in the wrong language.


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The Feminine Voice