What are thefacts?

Fat belly on one leg

Smiling face – Eye in the back

A bird is the foundation

There is blue – Must be water

There is green a space with a yellow triangle

On the head a cap that looks like protection

Something mousy is pointing

I do not have enough words

How does it feel?

I feel a pressure in my breast

While looking at the whole picture…

Why? What does it mean?

I feel uncertain – There is so much I do not recognize

But is there all the same

It must be about the invisible World around me

I do need the bird

I am a belly

I am lots of faces

That can turn outward or inward

I want to know and to open a book with wisdom

How about the comfort?

Is this word in itself not enough to relax?

There is comfort around me

Or rather I am comfort

I am all those things and colors

I cannot name but am all the same