To C Magazine 9 Competition Cooperation met rood

Competition in my life started when I got a sister and had to be the wisest. I was three and wanted to be a good girl who met expectations. I probably still am but something changed nevertheless. Having to be the best is not exactly a condition to become happy. Not only that it is mission impossible, it also creates a lot of hostility around you. Finding Gestalt was  a wake-up call for me. I began to realize that the real Competition is inside. The real Competition is between our Ego’s and our Sacred parts. This realization stimulated me to practice being the best Tine. In this issue you can read that this means in reality we have to tune in to the inspiration that comes our way. We can do it by meditating like Irize Loots did with the C Writers, we can do it by painting like Willemine Kellermann did in Messages from Another World or we can do it like I do by creating words connected to images and by  practicing Gestalt. I know there is a lot to read and see in the To C Magazine.  But maybe it is enough when you take little bites. Once we are open and ready to receive we can’t help seeing how rich and abundant life is.

I hope you enjoy! Love from Tine van Wijk