77 Right Questions

A Playful Approach to Life
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What is the Question?

Q66. Who are you?

 Who are you? The obvious question.

Of course you know the answer.

You are who you are, nobody else can stand on your feet,

or breathe with your mouth,

or write the words you long to write.

It means that nobody can tell you what you do

or write or say is right or wrong.

Only you can feel what words or actions do with you.

Your responsibility is to find out who you are in relation

to the world and to all those other voices surrounding you

and expressing themselves. 


Once you decide you are going to do IT

It is a great and wonderful adventure

That of course can also be painful.

But the Right Questions in this book

Will teach you to ‘Never to Give Up’

Because  love is always just around the corner.