Happy community

There is a smile on its face

No body yet; just an head with an eye

And a mouth with that smile

The protection comes from

The two eyed orange worm

Together they fit in the yellow

And the green field

Where the cat is enjoying the sun

While lying on its back

Then we have the sharp mouth

Pointing into the red

That is surrounding the community

It has its own eye with curl

And what about the tail of the whale

Being part of the bigger picture

That is whole in itself

Surrounded by the blue

of a transparent wall

that can express feelings

by giving them a voice

The blue wall is the skin

Holding together the being that is inside

The being that can be turned upside down

Without losing its meaning

For the being is a completed creation

That can step by step open itself

To reveal the pureness of its inside World

That is too vulnerable to just being shown to anyone

Only the lookers, only the seeers

Will be able to connect.