To C Magazine 7 Safety Veiligheid

The PDF of To C Magazine 7 focusing on Veiligheid/Safety
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This issue of the To C Magazine focuses on the process of feeling safe in our bodies, in our homes, in our cities, in the World, a process that goes on and on and on. To feel safe we have to fulfill our 

Basic Needs: Support, Protection, Safety, Understanding

Needing support is related to being carried and held.You can feel in your body, if you were literally carried and supported under your bottom.

Feeling uncertain and not grounded can be connected to a lack of support' when you were small. Falling, back- and legs complaints can be a problem.

The kind of support we need will change with the age we have:

being carried, walking hand in hand, being brought and collected, homework support, back ground support, financial and moral support.

If everything went as it should you were as a child

so protected from the outside world that you could develop an inner shield that distinguished outside and inside.

This shield can keep inside what is vulnerable and soft and keep outside what is hard and dangerous. It is about experiencing safety.

If you did not learn to protect yourself,

you will harden to maintain yourself in the outside world.

Protection you get by clothing, by warmth, by being cuddled in when you go to sleep,

by lullabies or simply by feeling the presence of your parents or caretakers.

True is that you can also feel unsafe when there is too much presence of the family.

Like when everybody shares the same space and knows everything of each other.’

Writing is a perfect way to experience and experiment and to let this safe-inside-feeling grow until we ourselves are safe rocks with a soft and vulnerable inside.